From vine to palate

The Domain’s wines incarnate the generosity of our terroir. They are the fruits of conviction and know-how applied to the full from stock to bottle. Diversity of soils, mild climate and sunny, well-exposed hillsides provide us with a wealth of natural advantages.
And if we have come to understand our land and our vines, and so come to harvest the very finest they can produce, it is because, as people of taste, we are led by a love of an art whose creations will delight your palates.

The ranges below will cast their spell over you:
> Our "Plaisir" wines
> Our "Séduction" wines
> Solaris 2014
> Our "Exception" wines
> Our "Incontournable" wines
Admire, smell, taste – you have your own particular preferences and desires.
Come and explore - we’ll lend you a helping hand.

Domaine Sauvète - Gamme Plaisir

The "Plaisir" range

Wines that express the full crispness of our vines.

Sauvignon : Dry white wine.
Delicate and elegant, with nuances of boxwood and white fruits.

Méli-mélo : Rosé.
Crisp and pleasant with a hint of spiciness.

Les Gravouilles : Red wine.
Fine full underlying structure with aromas of small red fruits.

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Domaine Sauvète - Gamme Séduction

The "Séduction" range

Wines from our very finest terroirs, with a perfect balance of aromatic complexity, concentration, and elegance.

Oneiros : Dry white wine.
Harmonious, with hints of ripe fruits and citrus fruits, and a mineral crispness.

Passion : Red wine.
Full bodied, with aromas of very ripe candied fruits, set off by a hint of toastiness.

Antéa : Red wine.
Rich in aromas of small black fruits, liquorice and spices.

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Domaine Sauvète - Solaris

Solaris 2014

When the nature are playing us tricks, when September heat up suddenly our grapes, our Gamay show a surprising character to discover in this new cuvée !
Solaris : Red wine

An aromatic complexity, candied red fruits and toasted hints : A perfect balance with the subtle and silky tannins.

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Domaine Sauvète - Gamme Exception

The "Exception" range

Wines produced from our oldest vines, with our very finest land devoted to exceptional vintages creating wines that are concentrated, powerful and generous.

Confidence : Semi-dry white wine.
Generous and concentrated. Aromas of overripe fruits, with persisting exotic notes and captivating fullness and body.

Privilège : Red wine.
Its aromas express power and maturity.

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Domaine Sauvète - Gamme Incontournable

The "Incontournable" range

Festive wines, precious wines, expressing the finest that Domaine Sauvète know-how has to offer.

Idem : Soft white wine.
Subtle and delicate. White fruits aromas and candied citrus overtones marry with honeyed and vanilla hints.

Osmose : Red wine.
Issued from audacity and mastery. Grilled aromas with black fruits, fig and cinnamon express themselves without inhibition.

Dédicace : Sweet white wine.
Cuvée Tardive (longer aging). Straw yellow colour tinted with notes of gold. Powerful aromas of overripe fruits. Remarkably full taste. A rare wine indeed.

Crémant de Loire : Sparkling white wine
Elegant colour and very delicate bubbles, for a wine with aromas of fresh fruit.

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