Jérome et Dominique Sauvète Domaine Sauvète Plateaux de la Mardelle et de la bocagerie pour nos vins blanc Domaine Sauvète Coteaux de Toucheronde pour nos vins rouges Domaine Sauvète


Our Domain is the work of four generations.
My Great grandfather Georges Sauvète planted the first stock in 1905, and Roland, followed by Michel, went on to enlarge the vineyard between 1930 and 1975. I, Jérôme, came in with my father Michel in 1980.
And in 1986, my wife Dominique joined me. Together we have put all our passion and energy into building up and extending the Domain.
Today, we have a single shared ambition – to produce authentic wines that express the subtleties of our terroir to the very depths of its soul.
United they stand
If you see Jérôme, Dominique can’t be far away (and the other way round).
You won’t find Dominique among the vines in the cold of winter, nor in the heat of summer. So, when Jérôme gets home, conversation really flows.
They also know how to share silence.
A true couple, living the life of the Domain together.
Since 2013, my daughter Mathilde joined our beautiful adventure.
Our vineyards

Ideally located on the heights of the Toucheronde hillsides overlooking the Cher, and on the plateau overhanging the village of Monthou-sur-Cher, our vineyards now cover some 16 hectares. 7.5 hectares are given over to Sauvignon, Chenin and Chardonnay vines for white wines, while the remaining 8.5 hectares are devoted to Gamay, Malbec, Cabernet and Pineau d’Aunis vines, for red wines and rosés.
Our vineyards have all the advantages they could ask for – exceptional geographical location, rich and varied soils, and just the right climate and amount of sunshine.

Where our white wines are nurtured
The land devoted to our white wines lies on the Mardelle and Bocagerie plateaux, windblown sands with argilo-siliceous subsoil ideal for the crispness of our Sauvignon.
On the heights of the Sansuette and Rouère slopes, sandy surface soil rich in flint ensures the grapes come to full ripeness, giving our “Oneiros” its delicate mineral character. A small piece of land on the edge of La Retraite woods is consecrated to another of our treasures – “Confidence”.
And as for our reds...
Our red wines are produced from vines planted on the Toucheronde hillsides, which provide fine soil mixed with a rich variety of stone, including flint, perrons and spongestone. The vineyard has a breath-taking panoramic view over the Cher Valley, while its due south exposure ensures rapid warming of the soil.
"Gravouille", "Passion" and "Antéa" come from Toucheronde’s southwest slope – intense wines with an aroma of red fruits.
Our vines planted on Toucheronde’s southeast slope are between 35 and 50 years old, rooted into the very depths of the soil. It is these that give us "Privilège" – powerful, thoroughbred wines, whose richness and structure allow them to be kept for over 10 years.

Domaine Sauvète
Jérôme et Dominique Sauvète - Vignerons
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