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Our know-how

"I am a man, a simple farmer who loves working the land, and I am proud to have passed this passion for the vine on to my wife Dominique!” Nature has given us a treasure, and we must respect her ways. We have listened to and observed her for many years, and have come to understand our magnificent terroir.
It is this determination to protect soil and plant alike, allied with natural concern for our environment, that has led us to practise Ecocert certified organic cultivation of our vineyards.

To protect the vines, we only use products of natural origin and plant-based preparations. Our lands boast a wide diversity of flora and fauna, which means that we interfere as little as possible, leaving it to nature herself to bring forth the full richness of the terroir.
Our first priority is the vine itself, for the quality of our wine depends upon it. Wine making requires precision and passion alike.It is also a pleasure – the pleasure of a pleasure shared.

Our wine-growing colleagues
The task of caring for the vines all year round is a family job. And when the vine requires their services, our seasonal workers are on hand to furnish them. The team grows in numbers when harvest time comes around, ensuring that it is carried out under the best possible conditions. Invaluable partners, they understand the respect due to plant and fruit alike – joyous companions too, their laughter and friendly banter lightening the exacting work in hand. They also share our wine-maker’s pride in the creation of top quality products, and we honour them as they deserve.

Domaine Sauvète
Jérôme et Dominique Sauvète - Vignerons
9, chemin de La Bocagerie
41400 Monthou-sur-Cher - France
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